Polar Bear Club


"Polar Bear Club"allows intermediate students (grades 4, 5 and 6) to go outside during recess time when the temperature falls below -27° Celsius. The Lord Selkirk School Division's current policy states that when the temperature falls below -27° Celsius, students and staff are to remain indoors during recess periods. Accordingly, the Polar Bear Club operates with Board Office approval and participation is completely optional and is allowed for intermediate grade students that have received parental/guardian permission. Other guidelines for Polar Bear Club are as follows:

  • The staff at St. Andrews School supports the idea, both in theory and in practice. The school's administrative team and any willing staff members will be responsible for outdoor supervision duties.
  • The intermediate students at the school have been educated about both the benefits (healthy living, exercise, fresh air) and risks of going outside during cold weather.
  • Once permission has been granted, students will still have the option - at each recess break - to remain inside the school on days when "indoor recess" is occurring.
  • Before heading outside, Polar Bear Club members will be expected to check in with a designated playground supervisor to ensure that they have permission and are appropriately dressed. (Dressed in layers of warm clothing - including jacket and snow pants. Cover all exposed skin. Wear a hat, mittens or insulated gloves, neck tube or face mask, and insulated footwear).
  • If a student elects to head outside for recess and then changes their mind, that student will be permitted to return inside.
  • When the wind chill exposure becomes very high risk, the Polar Bear Club will be cancelled. For further information about cold weather, we encourage parents/guardians to refer to Environment Canada's Wind Chill guidelines  

When the winter months arrive, please discuss this opportunity with your child to determine whether or not it is something that interests them. If you would like to grant your child permission to participate in the Polar Bear Club, have your child request a permission form from the office.

If you have any questions about the Polar Bear Club and how it will operate at St. Andrews School, please feel free to contact us at (204) 338-7510.

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