Our School

Picture of front of St. Andrews School

A School Rich in History

St. Andrews School is currently a Kindergarten to Grade Six school located in the community of St. Andrews.

St. Andrews School has a rich history that starts with the early fur trading days and has had several school buildings where students were educated in Grades Kindergarten to Twelve. St. Andrews School is often cited as the oldest school in operation in Western Canada. There were schools in western Canada before St. Andrews School, however, St. Andrews School has withstood the test of time and although it has had many different buildings, it remains in its original location.

The history of St. Andrews School dates back as far as 1815, when Archdeacon and Mrs. Cochrane taught the women and children of the district in their home. The first school was opened November 27, 1831. A new, larger log and stone school was constructed in 1851 and operated until 1900 when it was condemned. In 1900, the third school was constructed and operated until 1926, when it was destroyed by fire. Most of the school records burnt with the school. In 1926, the second school that had been condemned was repaired and, along with the rectory and community hall, was used for classes during the 1926-1927 school year. In 1927, a new school was erected. In June 1964, the construction of yet another school began. This ten room school with a large auditorium was considered a very modern facility. In 1973, a second wing was added including a larger gymnasium. The former gymnasium was converted into a large library. With the construction of a Junior High School in the area, September 1979 began a new phase at St. Andrews School which offered programs for Grades Kindergarten to Six. Due to an increase in population, January 2000 saw the addition of two more classrooms and, shortly thereafter, a mobile classroom was added. St. Andrews School is part of the Lord Selkirk School Division.